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USPTA membership application

Thank you for applying for membership in the United States Professional Tennis Association. To facilitate your application, please carefully review the following procedures:

1. Please fill out the application form below. If you are applying as a Platform Professional, click here. 

2. Submit your nonrefundable application fee and your prorated dues for the current year. Application, dues and educational fees are included on the Dues and Fees Schedule. Upon receipt of your completed application, fee and dues, you will receive via e-mail, The USPTA's study manual, PTCA I manual. You will also receive via UPS new member package, including educational DVDs. You will become an applicant member with certain benefits until you pass the Certification Exam and meet all of the membership requirements of the United States Professional Tennis Association.

Personal Information

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Mailing/Shipping Address Information
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Tennis-Teacher Job Experience

Elite Professional requires three years of full-time tennis-teaching experience.
Professional requires six months of full-time tennis-teaching experience.

Current or Most Recent Employer

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Other Experience

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Playing Experience

Include national, sectional, state and other rankings of importance,
as well as participation in high school, college, etc.

Exam pathway

Review the pathway to help you choose a one- or two-day exam. Make your selection below.

Scheduling an Exam

To reserve a space for the Professional Tennis Coaches Academy (PTCA I) and Certification Exam, select a date and location and write the information in the spaces below. Submit this completed application along with your application fee and dues to the Membership Department at least 21 days prior to the scheduled exam.

Certification exams can reach the maximum amount of applicants.  Please do not make travel arrangements until your certification exam has been confirmed.  If an exam you have chosen is full, we will contact you by phone.

The Membership Department can reserve a space for me. I understand that my application fee includes the cost of the PTCA I and exam.

Click here for a complete exam schedulePlease do not make travel arrangements until your certification exam has been confirmed.

 I would like to take a one-day exam, which includes an online course, written and grip exam.

I would like to take a two-day exam, which includes a live-review course, and written and grip exam taken at test site.

I will take my on-court portions of the exam on the following:


I have not selected an exam date and location at this time, however, I will contact the Membership Department at least 21 days before to the exam to register.

Cancellation policy: A fee will be assessed if you cancel your exam reservation within 14 days of the exam (see fee schedule for amount). Those who do not cancel and do not show up for the exam will forfeit their entire application fee.

USPTA Code of Ethics

The Association expects its members to be of good character, to treat the public honestly and fairly, and to treat their fellow members in the tennis-teaching profession in the same way. Accordingly:

1. Any complaint against a member of dishonest or unfair dealing, either to the public or to a fellow member, shall be referred to an ethics committee that will be appointed by the President and that will always include general counsel. In its discretion, the ethics committee will act on the complaint, including an attempt to resolve the matter between the parties. Upon the determination of the ethics committee, however, the exercise by a member of his or her legal rights will be recognized and honored, and issues of fact or law will be left to the decision of a court of law.

2. If the ethics committee, in its discretion, considers the charge to be sufficiently serious, it may refer the matter to the Board of Directors, which, after due consideration, will have the power to expel the member or to determine any lesser punishment.

3. Any member who is convicted of a serious crime, as determined by the Board of Directors, will be subject to immediate expulsion from the Association.

I agree to abide by the rules, bylaws and Code of Ethics of USPTA and do all in my power to preserve and enhance the image of the tennis-teaching profession.  I certify that all information I have supplied on this application is accurate and complete.  I understand that any wrong or incomplete information on this application can lead to my not being admitted as a member or, if I am admitted as a member, to the termination of my membership in the USPTA.  Further, I authorize the references listed above to provide the USPTA any and all information concerning my previous employment and any pertinent information they may have, personal of otherwise, and release all parties from liability for any damage that may results from furnishing same to the USPTA.  In addition, I authorize the USPTA to conduct any and all background checks in accordance with state and federal guidelines.

Study materials

You will receive your study materials via e-mail with a link to study materials online.  

Payment information

United States - $190 International - $275

If you would prefer to pay by check, please print the application and mail it and your check to USPTA Membership Department, 10524 Moss Park Rd., Suite. 204-731,  Orlando, FL  32832
Payment is being submitted for the following items (
see Dues and Fees Schedule):

Application fee:
 Prorated dues:
 PTCA I Study Guide
Total amount to be submitted:

Method of Payment

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Exp Date
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Cardholder's first name*:
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Questions? Call (800) 877-8248 (Membership)
If you are paying by check, please make payable to USPTA and mail to:


10524 Moss Park Rd.
Suite. 204-731,  Orlando, FL  32832